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Denise Toth
Denise Toth

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Denise is an amazingly talented and brilliant individual that has touched my life like nobody else.

The first time I spoke with Denise was by phone. I was a bit of a skeptic so I was very careful to mail a typed envelope and money order so she wouldn't see my handwriting or real name. Within 5 minutes of the reading, Denise was speaking with Aunt Marie. I couldn't believe my ears! She asked who is Mary, no it's Marie and Rose, Roses, no it's Rowe? Marie Rowe passed away 7 years ago (she was known for her large rose gardens) and was coming through to me. Aunt Marie was an angel to me while she was living and continues to be even after death. Denise told me things I needed to know from Aunt Marie. The next most amazing comment she made was that she sees a lot of blood around my husband. She kept asking if he's ill and I said, no, he's healthy as a horse. Denise then said, I know what it is, your husband is a Medical Malpractice Attorney. And indeed he is! Thankfully this was taped and my huband could listen to it so he now is a believer as well. One more insight was that Denise told me she sees that I'm inventing something and that it's for women only. In the meantime I have invented "Kush Supports Like A Dream" and it is for women only.

These are just 3 examples of how exact Denise is yet there a so many more there's not enough room to write it all down.

I love Denise, she's extremely positive in every way and is an angel to me for communicating what she sees for me.



Denise has been one of the most important people in my life, even though I have personally never have seen her face. She was able to give me hope. When I called Denise the first time it was at the advice of a co-worker who had talked with Denise in the past. Of course I was curious and very skeptical but I thought it would be "fun". I didn't realize my life was about to make a tremendous change for the better.

On the outside I looked like I had it all. I was in my twenties, making 6 figures, driving expensive cars, living in a new house, and married to a handsome man. From the outside my life looked perfectly polished, while in reality I was empty and hollow. I felt like a fraud.

Of course Denise cut right through the outer facade and called me on my charade of a life. She knew I was in an unhappy marriage, to a man that was not in love with me. And she knew my current life was a lie and I was miserable. I remember her telling me that if I continued on the path I was on that I would merely exist and not ever live.

The first call I hung up and sobbed because I knew she was right and everything was in my power to change. But it would take a lot of courage to do what was necessary, and I didn't know if I had the strength. As I was going through this time, I talked with Denise often she gently guided me letting me know my path would lead to great happiness and contentment. She told me that I would find a great love, and that I would have a child and be very happy. But I would have to close this door on my current life in order for the other door to open.

Of course I had a hard time believing her I had such low self esteem I thought how could I possibly find someone else. And even if I did by the time I found this "great man" I'd be too old to have children anyway. But I just decided to surrender and have faith realizing that the life I was living wasn't what God wanted for me. I divorced, got the job of my dreams, and found the joy in life again. All of which Denise told me was mine for taking. What an amazing journey it was and is!

Three years after that first tearful phone call I am happily married to a wonderful man and we have a gorgeous little girl. Of course Denise told me I was pregnant even before the pregnancy tests did! She also told me a friend of mine who had been trying to get pregnant for a long time would be pregnant with me. My friend delivered two months to the day after me!

I could go on and on about the many things that she has told me about that have become true. Sometimes when she talks I don't understand at the time, but now I know to be patient because it always becomes clear. And when it happens I always smile and say "yep just like Denise said".

I still call Denise from time to time to help me remain on the path that I am supposed to walk. I am always amazed at how my life has changed in such a little time with God's help. I know that God gave Denise this gift to help people find their way. If you just allow God to help you it is truly amazing what can be possible!

Thank you so much Denise for your guidance and wisdom!

With Love,

Torey Alabin

A God Fearing Psychic, who knew???

Born and raised a Baptist in the South, you just don't mess with these things. Their loss I now know. Having been "playing" with this phenomena since my early years in Atlanta, my girlfriend and I have been through several types of psychics. I now know that you can easily get involved with the "wrong" people in this business.

Only God-granted gifted people like Denise, are real.

Prayer is essential and a Godly person is the only one to give you clear and divine direction from this earth. With a person like Denise, religion as I knew it growing up finally made sense. I now have a closer relationship to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The divine favor in my everyday life because of this is something I plan to write a journal about. Everyone needs this sense of "knowing". Life is so much easier and Love is so much sweeter. Knowing a person like Denise is a gift. Even though you may think that a personal relationship with God is all you need, we are human and we get lost in life, depressed, and uncertain about our choices and our future. We get stuck. That's when I need a "Denise booster" to get me on track.

I have seen or spoken to Denise for about ten years. I have started a journal of her readings so I can tract her repeated messages. Most things are new and I tend to forget about them until one day something happens and it hits me. Denise said this was coming!

Most of all, I just want to say that a person with Denise's divine gift and talent, have helped me through a horrible nightmare of a divorce, two lawsuits that my Ex ran away from and with my money, raising a teenage stepson ( my greatest gift), dealing with a difficult job, and many family issues.

Thank You Denise,

I Love You ,

Birmingham Girl


I am a legal professional who has a very intense and stressful professional life that is sometimes even further aggravated by personal challenges and dilemmas. I am working hard on becoming a more serene and prayerful person, but human as I am, inconsistencies in my own levels of faith or spiritual energy have sometimes threatened to throw me off course. As I make my way along the path of Life, I am often at forks in the road or turning points that do not present a clear way forward at the first glance. Through her loving application of her special gifts of insight and vision, Denise has brought increased clarity and serenity to my life in many such challenging instances. She has provided interpretations that have provided me with key answers in times of uncertainty, direction and she has helped reinforce my sense of purpose at times when I needed most to keep on track along Life's Path, with renewed confidence that God's time is time enough for things to happen - not when I want them to happen, and with increased patience and heightened faith. Denise has applied her special gifts without question or hesitation to help me to provide valuable insights and interpretations that have helped reinforce my flagging levels of faith at times when it was hard to maintain serenity and to stay the course. Denise has been blessed with a very special gift. I am thankful that Destiny brought our paths to cross - just over a year ago - when I really most needed a spiritual guide and counselor like the one I have found in Denise. God bless you, Dearest Denise for all your positive support and loving counsel and for helping me to keep walking in the path of the Light...

Peace and Love,



A very close friend of mine introduced me to Denise in a very important moment of my life since that time then I was living in Iraq. I believe that there are no casualties in this life and for a specific purpose God wanted me to meet Denise. My personal life went through different changes ever since and I’m not talking about physical changes which in the end become a secondary factor, I’m talking about self confidence and mainly – may be – my own perspective of this world and my facing it after having talked with her.

I feel grateful to Denise for her general insights; her open mind and that special way to see things that made me feel relief. Thank you Denise for transmitting all that peace and freedom and for helping me to grow and achieve this main endeavor that we, human beings, have in this life which is to be happy.

Begonia de Alta Gracia


I have known Denise Toth for almost 20 years. During that time she has willingly shared her gift of insight and vision. Throughout the years Denise helped me to find deeper understanding and meaning in my life occurrences. She often provided me support in the area of patience, hope and encouragement. Many times the information and insight that Denise shared with me allowed me to be prepared for situations that were to occur or were occurring in my life. She also provided me information that served as source of confirmation that I was on the correct path in life.

In every reading Denise did for me she accurately described a situation, event or person that was to have significance. There are numerous examples that I could share. The two most significant were the information she shared with me about my husband and child. I was 44 when I met my soul mate with whom I am now married. Throughout the years that I was waiting for him, Denise told me where he was, what he looked like and described our life together. She told me the approximate time frame that I would meet him – within ten days. She told me a date that was important to him and that turned out to be the day he proposed to me. She described our wedding on an island, his family’s home, our future and more. Denise accurately described his mannerisms, personality and overall essence. She even told me that he would tap his thumb – a habit he has while he drives or fly’s an airplane. Then when she told me I was to have a child! Of course I thought she met that perhaps he had one, as I was too old to have one myself. Well, sure enough, I was blessed with pregnancy on my wedding night and delivered our son when I was 46 years old.

Denise has always been honest when delivering the information that was important for me to know. Denise contributed so much to my life, particularly comfort and peace. I will always be grateful to her for her willingness to share her gifts with me.


Dear Denise,

You have been reading me for well over twelve years. As my spiritual coach, I think about where I would be if I hadn't ever spoken with you. Our first reading was when I was 17, you told me about the two loves in my life (I was engaged to my high school sweetheart) and my career as a restaurateur (I was in childcare). I was blown away by your predictions, as my life began to unfold as the way you called it.

The most unforgettable prediction was the infertility struggle G & I came upon. When I thought it was over, you told me to keep fighting and be strong because ultimately I will have children (You did in fact say twins). Your readings gave me hope, faith and guidance to move forward and pray for the best.

As Mother's Day approaches and I celebrate my second year as a mother of a beautiful boy & girl (TWINS!!) I want to thank you for being such a positive influence in my life. God has given you an amazing gift to help people and that is truly what you do.

With Love,



Terry, my inspiration, my angel

Hi Denise,

I wanted to follow up with you and let you know how I am doing after the loss of Terry. As you know he and I shared twenty seven years together, childhood sweethearts, so it has not been easy living without him. Terry was an amazing man, an angel on earth, as you got to find out first hand. The two of you shared an amazing bond then and I know now as well. I remember the day he picked out that three foot gorgeous angel for you because he wanted his angel on earth to have something beautiful to remember him by.

I remember the day that Terry was diagnosed with that rare, terminal cancer at the age of forty two, with a life expectancy of only sixteen months. I can still feel the numbness and utter shock that we both felt that day. Along with conventional cancer treatment, spiritual guidance through the church, we turned to you for metaphysical guidance. This was going to be a very tough road that we knew would take an army of angels to get through.

Denise you were with us every step of the way. You taught Terry to meditate which was crucial in managing the pain from chemo, radiation and that raging mass growing in his chest.

I remember the day you took Terry through past life regression, you opened his mind to experience where he had been and more importantly where he was going.

Denise these were truly gifts you gave to Terry and to me. The past life and meditation worked hand in hand with conventional medicine and our faith in God. The way you helped Terry process his dreams and understand the story unfolding and the path that he would take as he moved into the next life was incredible.

I can't thank you enough--it was your gifts that allowed Terry to crossover with ease and grace. I believe that he was able to do so because he was so prepared and aware of the journey ahead of him.

I thank God every day for your ability. As a result of your help and guidance Terry passed away peacefully June sixteenth surrounded by love with his family and friends.

I asked Terry at the end was there anything else he wanted to say to me, and in true Terry form, he replied-we lived, we loved, we laughed, baby we did it all.

Denise I hold you in my heart and I will always be eternally grateful to you for helping my husband, my inspiration, now my guardian angel.

My next journey is just beginning, I will stay in touch.

In memory of my loving husband Terry.

All my love,

Donna (housewife), Georgia


Touched by an Angel...

When I first came to Denise I was an emotional, spiritual and physical wreck. I had hit bottom and in my mind, there was no escape but death. I was madly in love with a toxic, emotionally abusive husband. I had no money, as my husband was financially controlling. My parents were gone, and my only sibling (a little brother) and I had been out of touch for years. I felt that I had no one to turn to and no where to go. I had lost all hope of ever having a child and was acting out in unhealthy ways by smoking and drinking too much wine. I am a Christian and believe not only in God’s plan but also the power of free will. I was struggling with the fear of going to hell, but I just couldn’t live another day. When I walked into Denise’s office, I was suffering from severe depression and contemplating suicide. In fact, I was already thinking of how to end my life.

I scraped together some money but didn’t really believe that Denise could or would change my life. Within two hours with her I realized that my life would never be the same. Denise was my angel…an angel who wrapped her wisdom around me, embraced me and gave me the power to heal. Through the course of several meetings, I gained a love that I never knew possible – the love of myself. Denise recognized traumatic and abusive events from my past that no one knew, and she saw a future life…a life that I needed to be alive for in order to experience. Her words deeply affected me and I cried. Little did I know the impact those words would ultimately have on me. Through Denise’s on-going council and support I was able to dramatically change my life forever.

Today, I live 2 miles from the beach…350miles away from my ex-husband, and I run my own business. My little brother lives one mile away. We talk everyday and I see him once a week. I have first cousins that live close, and I see them regularly. I renewed my relationship with God and feel happy to be alive. I date nice men and have faith that I will remarry and even have a child of my own. Through a series of events I have been shown that I was meant to live…that I do have a purpose. I took the steps…I did the work, but Denise gave me advice…courage and most of all…love.

A Survivor


When my mother died five years ago, I called Denise

My cousin had been a client and friend for many years, so I thought, why not? I am very skeptical by nature, and probably cynical from birth. I know all about fishing, or scattershot techniques, so, despite my grief, I was careful not to give anything away.

She was amazing. I've come to find out that even things she has said that made no sense, came to have great meaning later on. Now, I know people claim that this is pretzel logic, bending the facts to fit the prediction, but her stuff is very specific. An example? She kept seeing me getting confirmed by a bishop, and insisting that there was some kind of relationship. As a recovering Catholic, I was shaking my head...I came to find out later that my great uncle was the archbishop of Brooklyn. Being adopted, I had no way of knowing this. And to be honest, for every one thing I find vague, she nails nine.

She also tapes the sessions and sends them to you, so that if you are unsure, or mishear, you have the proof right there. I've found this to be very helpful.

I'm still skeptical...just not of Denise. She's the real deal.

She's also a friend. She's loving, insightful, deep, funny, and earthy...what's not to love????

Jane Vett Rogers

Denise Toth...

Denise was recommended to me by a co-worker over a dozen years ago; I went shopping and I stayed! I've been to many, many other guides over the years, but Denise is the one! No one I've consulted ever comes close .Her skill has kept her as my guide, her insights, warmth, and personality have made her my friend. She's been there for me through so much - before, during and after my widowhood, through the illness of my son, through deaths of loved ones. Her spirituality is such an integral part of her, yet she remains as "down to earth" and as "grounded" as anyone I've ever met. I am truly blessed to have Denise as my "spiritual guide" and friend.. Her accuracy is amazing and my trips with her through the" spirit world" are astonishing revelations. An angel in disguise, she always leaves me in peace with gratitude and hope. I love Denise and I trust her absolutely. She is always, ALWAYS, there for me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.okay, I can , but it would take more space than I have.

Karen Riccio

"Thanks Denise! You are blessed with a talent and I thank you for sharing that with us all. You have touched our lives in a very positive way. The gift certificates to my family and friends made for the perfect holiday gift- they were thrilled with their readings".

"You have such a talent and intuition. We barely spoke at first and I felt you knew me already. I then had a friend and a couselor who offered me much needed guidance at just the right time. You helped me to see my situations more clearly and managable. You're an angel and I thank you for my readings".

David Martin, Photographer

I was introduced to Denise seven years ago through a friend who highly recommended her. I have gone through major shifts and transformations the past few years and Denise has helped me to clarifiy and understand the issues each time and remain hopeful. I continually frequent her gudance and insight to assist in my own intuition and wisdom. It is amazing how quickly and accurately the information comes to her.

Diane S., Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Denise,

You have really helped me find myself and grow to new levels I never dreamed possible. Having insight into my life and being able to see events before they happen is a rare gift Denise has. It actually helps me head off problems. There is a kind of peace in that. I am truly grateful for Denise's work in the psychic field. Very satisfied client.


There were some things going on in my life that were making me feel depressed, unhappy and breaking my spirit. I began to have readings with Denise to get clarity and focus. Denise pointed out things which were happening. She also told me things that helped me get my spirit back. I certainly am at a crossroads in my life. I am 50'ish, married to the same man for more than 30 years; have wonderful grown adult children; have a full-time job. I feel that I have "retired" from that busy day-to-day of motherhood and ma proud that our children are independent adults. I have to find "me" since my identity has been wife and mother for so long, like I have been lost.

Denise helped me realize that I have to meet "my" needs to live a healthy life that is fulfilled. It seems that there is no "connection" or intimacy between myself and my husband. This is painful to admit. After bringing this to his attention, his reply was that if everything else is good, then it is no big deal. I actually begged him to tell me he loves me, that I needed to hear that. I am the lonliest person, even though we are together, I am alone, not connected. Life is a struggle right now, but I will remain positive. I know that with Denise's help and guidance, I can remain positive and have the life I have dreamed of.

Hi Dee

I guess you can say my testimonial to Denise,my cousin, is more in thanking her for her special gift,that she so shares with me. Since we were kids growing up and living 4 doors away from one another,Denise has had such an empathy for people,which still remains.Her gift and special insight that God has blessed her with, I have watched grow and mature along the years.

The special part of her gift is that she cares so much about the people she reads for. Denise is not so cut and dry with her readings,she gets so much pleasure in the help she gives to her fellow human being,and for that I thank her,and for that God just seemed to increase her special and rare gift.She really cares and prays and to me that is so important.

I lost my Mom recently which is the most tremendous void in my life.my mother who is her moms sister was and still is very close to Denise.My Mom has seeked Denise out to give me special messages and believe me through my cousins extortionary insight with the other side,she has brought me unbelievable comfort and strenght.Thanks Dee without you and the God given gift you have been given,i would be nowhere right now.

I'm the lucky one to have Denise in my life,past present and future and to have her special gift given to me from her heart.I have told so many of my friends about Denise and believe me they were never once disappointed. They just keep coming back, so to me the proof is in the pudding. Its a rare gift and she nurtures along with that gift everyone with whom she comes in contact with.Consider yourself blessed when Denise touches your life , I do.

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