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The following is a poem that one of my clients wrote as a gift to me:


There are times we seek for answers
with the help of a spirit guide,
when we need a trusting friendship
and in someone to confide.
We may not always clearly see
or stop to even listen,
deafened by our grief and pain
or blinded to the lesson.
We need someone to light the path
and lead us through the fog,
to push through our defenses
to cleanse and clear the clog.
With one foot here, the other there
she builds a bridge between,
like an angel and a messenger
of what she’s heard and seen.
With love and grace, she helps and heals
forever touching our lives,
she wields her cards like “psychic” blades
that cut to truth like knives.
More than a counselor, more than a friend
a gracious gift from above,
sent to us for what we need
sent to us with love.
From all of us who know you
and for those you’ve yet to meet,
we’ll thank you now, for your wit and wisdom
that helps make our lives complete.


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